30 Days of Headspace — Here’s What I Learned

Is it worth the subscription?

Gurpreet Bharya
6 min readDec 9, 2019

Since it first rolled its way onto the health and wellness scene in 2010, Headspace has led the way in making the world a more mindful place, one deep breath at a time. In June 2018 it surpassed 1 million subscribers, a figure that continues to climb as the negative mental impact of our society drives our need for calm to the surface — something that I can empathise with myself.

Beginning at the bottom.

Last year, I had arrows shooting at me from all sides and I was dodging them about as well as a bear trapped in an elevator — I was in a difficult relationship, my job was unfulfilling, I wasn’t eating well — all in all I was feeling pretty vulnerable. Problems that weren’t even problems would make me cry myself into a daily headache and my heart would flutter madly into palpitations that stopped me from physically getting to work. And above all, I didn’t know how to get away from the waves of thinking that followed me everywhere — even when I was sitting ‘doing nothing,’ endless frantic thoughts would run into themselves like tiny tributaries into the rushing force of a river.

I needed something to slow it all down and was recommended Headspace.
Yes, I was also sceptical — here were all of my life problems mutating into health problems and a little app was going to solve it all?

‘…I had arrows shooting at me from all sides and I was dodging them about as well as a bear trapped in an elevator’

I was desperate, downloaded it and decided to give the Basics pack of guided meditation 30 days — this was 10 free sessions that I recycled 3 times.

This is what happened:

Day 1:

Andy Puddicombe has a wonderfully calming voice that really invites you into the session. However, despite this, thoughts continued to ping across my mind like a pinball in an arcade game. If anything, now that Headspace was an extra thing in my day, there were even more thoughts I was eager to explore — how did it work? When would I know it was working? Is this right? It was a busy ten minutes. As…



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