4 ways to make better NY resolutions

Because a new decade deserves a new approach.

Gurpreet Bharya
4 min readDec 27, 2019

‘Start as you mean to go on’ — nowadays it’s a phrase which wanders around with Cynicism on its back to humiliate the lives of those with good intentions everywhere.

Three weeks into the New Year and the resolutions are usually hanging by a thread. That oath to dry January is teetering on the edge of the wine rack that supports the contents of a fresh supply of red, which you honestly wouldn’t have bought were it not for the discounted price.

And then one evening, after a particularly grisly day of fierce discussion with your boss, you, and the seal on your favourite Merlot, crack. The oath drowns in aromatic swirls circling the bottom of your glass. Then, as you angle the vessel towards your lips, briefly catching a glimpse of the desperate, joy-deprived individual in its reflection, you close your eyes and succumb to the sweet embrace.

Let’s go

If you’re like most of us, you made a sparkling resolution to do bigger and better from January this year. Pumped with the alcoholic leftovers of Christmas cheer and New Year madness, you switched the dial to GO and sped off, at a suitably unsustainable rate.

So how can we make resolutions this year that actually stick? Here are 4 ways that helped me set better goals.

1. Review 2019 to inform your goals for 2020

What have you learned about yourself that you want to explore further in 2020? Maybe you accompanied a friend to a cooking class and actually enjoyed it more than you thought — next year your resolution could be to cook one new dish a week. Alternatively, what went wrong? Maybe you injured yourself and that took you out for most of the year — next year could be about building your strength and getting back into shape.

By reviewing the year just gone, you can create new resolutions that have a personal relevance. This is especially important on the down days, which we all have, when you can’t be bothered to keep it up anymore because your ‘why’ (the reason you started the resolution in the first place) will be a powerful motivator to get you through.



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