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What is it, what’s the point and how do you create one that sells?

When you’re creating the brand blocks of your small business, your brand voice, or tone of voice as it’s also known, can be confusing. How important is it really? And why isn’t the way you would naturally write good enough? Well, let’s start with the basics…

Your brand voice.

I prefer to talk…

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Because re-organising your client brief will give you better ideas.

So, you’ve won your first major client (yess!). You’ve accepted the project, can meet the deadline, you understand the deliverables and you’re happy with the fee. Ten minutes later and your email chirpily pings with the sound of the client copywriting brief (CB). You eagerly click it open — it’s…

Woman emerges from the water, eyelids lowered and sun shining down.
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Want to make a lasting change? Then work from the basis of ‘you’ and not your ideals.

With fewer than two weeks to go until the end of 2019, social media is bursting to excess with sponsored ads and boosted posts positively screaming the promise of your best next year ever. Scroll once and see cross-legged zen seekers basking in the elusive rays of enlightenment. Scroll again…

And start living them.

Last week, I bumped into an old colleague on London’s Oxford Street — already rammed from kerb to shop-front with eager elbow-punching Christmas beavers, it was a bizarre feat of chance that we even managed to spot each other in the throng. Given that the last time we’d spoken was…

Gurpreet Bharya

Wellness copywriter at G.B. Copywriting, Poet. Here to inspire small business owners with words that open customer hearts | Insta: @gb_copywriting_

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