Why the savvy entrepreneur will always invest in a copywriter.

Gurpreet Bharya
4 min readApr 22, 2021
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There’s no doubt that, coupled with a top product and/or service, great copywriting can equip a new business with the muscular legs it needs to hit the ground running. For SMEs and larger organisations it can allow them to keep running and leap joyfully over their competitors before landing into the welcoming arms of repeat customers.

These days customers are in control and, in a crowded marketplace, if young businesses want to be seen, let alone heard, they have to be prepared to elbow their way to the front like a dedicated bargain-hunter on Black Friday. Social media strategies, content marketing strategies, e-mail marketing strategies; to be truly effective they all demand mind-gripping, ‘read more’-clicking and bookmark-saving writing at their heart.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur not gifted with the ability to write a blog post with panache, then set aside some of your budget to invest in someone who is.

Still not convinced?

5 more reasons to invest in click-worthy copy.

01/ Copywriting is a sales pitch.

Your website is the hub of your business. You have various social media and e-mail marketing tendrils escaping its core but, ultimately, they all reach back to your site. And if potential customers are interested in having a closer look at what you offer, more often than not, it will be the place that they turn to first. So it’s got to be good.

The average reader spends about 15 seconds on a web page so it’s essential that you hook potential customers from the beginning, if you have any chance of reeling them in. According to Tony Haile from Time magazine, “research across the Chartbeat network has shown that if you can hold a visitor’s attention for just three minutes they are twice as likely to return than if you only hold them for one minute.” What does your business offer? How can you meet customer needs? Why are you better than the rest? No doubt it’s a tall order to fit all of that in such a short space of time. The only way you can do it is through irresistible copy, which informs, engages and, ultimately, sells.

The average reader spends about 15 seconds on a web page…



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